January 18

I Needed Help with Whiplash

When I was struck from behind at a red light, I was more worried about my car than I was myself. It was a low impact collision, but I still hated that my car was banged up a little bit. I didn’t feel all that great either, but I still felt that my car got the worst of it. I started to change my mind about a week later when I was hurting pretty bad. In fact, I was hurting a lot worse than what I was the day of the wreck. I contacted a chiropractor in San Francisco after reading about whiplash online, since that is what I suspected might be wrong. Continue reading

December 4

Get Rid of Back Pain Instead of Just Covering It Up with Painkillers

My wife would groan when she got up out of bed or after sitting down for a length of time. She would sit down slowly too. I asked her at the time it first started, and she told me that her back hurt. It was lower back pain. We went to a medical doctor to make sure it was not her kidneys or any other issue like that. It wasn’t, so we went to a Mesa chiropractor after it did not let up.

It was a big help to make that appointment. I always thought my wife was strong, but she had some weakness in her back and legs that was making it hurt. It hurt when she stood, sat and when she would lie down. With no relief in any position and doctors just recommending different pain relievers, she was at her wit’s end. The Mesa chiropractor we made an appointment with gave her a treatment the first visit. Continue reading

June 30

Best Chiropractor for Persistent Back Pain

I have been skeptical in the past, but I am starting to think that going to see a chiropractor might be my best bet at the moment. I am having a bout of implacable back pain and it is getting to the point where it is seriously starting to affect my psyche. I am not sure how much more of this I can take, and I suppose I should do something about it. I want to get an appointment set up with a Santa Rosa chiropractor so that they can take a look at my back, try to see what the problem is, and then with any luck, fix it as well.

I do not know what has been causing my recent back troubles. Continue reading

June 12

Best Offices for a Chiropractor

I have had this back problem for going on a few months now, and I really have no idea what is wrong with me. What I do know is that it is really bothering me and I want to do something to get it fixed. I am really hoping that surgery is not what it is going to have to come down to. Instead, I have been looking for a chiropractor in Glendale to go see and see what their opinion was on my back and also to see if they could help it feel better with some treatment.

I have never been to a chiropractor in my life, but I figure if I am ever going to give it a shot, that right now would be my best option. Anyway, I am looking at some listings of chiropractors and I think that I am going to give a couple a call and see when the soonest time is that I will be able to set up an appointment. Another thing that I wonder is if my insurance is going to cover me going to go see a chiropractor.

I really have no idea if it would be covered or not and how much it would cost me if it is not covered. That is a concern that I should figure out. So one thing that I am going to need to do is to call the insurance company that I go through and talk to them about my coverage, when it comes to seeing a chiropractor. I really hope that it is covered, but if not, I think I will be willing to pay for it out of pocket, so long as there is a chance that they will be able to help my back to start feeling better soon.

July 18

Best Treatments for Premature Ejaculation

I have a very embarrasing problem when it comes to making love, and that problem has to doe with premature ejaculation. It is very difficult for me to talk about this issue, because it is quite embarrasing, and it has caused me a lot of problems in past relationships. It is actually one of the reasons why a few of my relationships might have came to an end in the past. I would like to look at this product called Jamaican stone to see how well it works, and whether it could help me out.

I have heard that it is supposed to help with the exact problem that I have. I am not sure how that is possible, but if it might be able to help me, then I would like to know more. I have looked at a lot of different options for helping with my problems in the past, but none of those methods have really proven to be all that effective. Continue reading