December 4

Get Rid of Back Pain Instead of Just Covering It Up with Painkillers

My wife would groan when she got up out of bed or after sitting down for a length of time. She would sit down slowly too. I asked her at the time it first started, and she told me that her back hurt. It was lower back pain. We went to a medical doctor to make sure it was not her kidneys or any other issue like that. It wasn’t, so we went to a Mesa chiropractor after it did not let up.

It was a big help to make that appointment. I always thought my wife was strong, but she had some weakness in her back and legs that was making it hurt. It hurt when she stood, sat and when she would lie down. With no relief in any position and doctors just recommending different pain relievers, she was at her wit’s end. The Mesa chiropractor we made an appointment with gave her a treatment the first visit. He used heat, massage and electrical stimulation. Plus, he did an ultrasonic deep tissue massage.

He told her that the initial relief at the moment might not last real long. He said that the perception of discomfort might be a little worse the next morning. However, he strongly encouraged her to come back again to get those muscles stretched and stronger. My wife committed herself to the therapy and exercises. Within a couple of weeks she was her old self again. I should say, a new young self. She had more energy and was ready to go even when the kids were tuckered out.

It was nice seeing her not in pain any longer. The pain was not only wearing her down physically, it was wearing her down mentally. We are not meant to hurt day in and day out. Some people seek to cover up the symptoms with painkillers. My wife wanted the pain gone. Her back is now stronger and rarely gives her any trouble at all.

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