January 18

I Needed Help with Whiplash

When I was struck from behind at a red light, I was more worried about my car than I was myself. It was a low impact collision, but I still hated that my car was banged up a little bit. I didn’t feel all that great either, but I still felt that my car got the worst of it. I started to change my mind about a week later when I was hurting pretty bad. In fact, I was hurting a lot worse than what I was the day of the wreck. I contacted a chiropractor in San Francisco after reading about whiplash online, since that is what I suspected might be wrong.

I was really surprised to read that it can often not be felt to its fullest extent for days or even weeks after the accident has happened. I figured it had something to do with the accident, but I also figured that it would have started to feel better rather than worse with each passing day. I made an appointment with the chiropractor that I had contacted, and I was so relieved to find out I could get in that same week. I had already went long enough with this pain, and I just wanted to find some relief.

When I was finally in the chiropractor’s office, he did an examination of me. He had me move my arms and shoulders in certain ways as well as turn my neck in certain directions. He also had some imaging tests done since I had refused medical treatment at the scene of the accident. After that, he was able to come up with a treatment plan that I was happy with. I had my spine manipulated, and the relief I felt just from that first one was nothing short of amazing. I coupled further adjustments with physical therapy, and I was back to myself within a few weeks’ time.

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